4-channels receiver with switch
USB standard 1.2 / 2.0. Supports to 4 devises. Distans up to 1200 m. Cable in set. Transfer speed 9600 baud. Supporting of address 5-8. Optical separation for all channels.


MUSB-RX4/So is 4-channels extension with optical separation for each USB channels, dedicated to active USB mouse extension. It has 4 independent USB drivers which all the time keep connection with controlling devices. Cooperate with sets: MUSB-1/1/So, MUSB-4/1 oraz MUSB-4/1/So.
It increases number of controlled devices for next 4. It has built-in USB switch and supported permanently addresses 5 ~ 8

Optical separation eliminates problems with industrial interferences and potential differences, so system work very stable and is resistant to damage.

It has resistant for distortions RS-485 interface, so transmission may be done up to distance of 1200 m. Control may be transmitted also by fiber optic converters or wireless systems of AV-LiNK telemetry.

Technical specification:

Parameter Value
Support of USB standard 1.0,1.2, 2.0
USB output 4 x Gniazdo USB connector B
Power supply USB connector
Transfer speed 9600 baud
Optical separation 1.5kV (each channels)
Maximum distance control 1200m
Supported channels only 5~8
Surge protection 600W
Housing freestanding, bolted
Size 90,4 x 63,7 x 32 (mm)
Work temperature -15°C ~ 40°C


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