MC-10 Contact magnetic wireless

Contact magnetic wireless



Main features
 Low power consumption
 Supervisory signal every 15 minute
 Tamper signal if open cover
 Battery status control (low-power signal)
 Battery lifetime 2-3 years*
 Max transmission distance 300 m (open air)
* battery lifetime is approximate and depends on the working conditions of the detector

Operation voltage: 3 V
Standby current: 15 uA
Alarm current: 12 mA
Transmission frequency: 433.92 MHz
Operation temperature: -10 ~ 55°C
Storage temperature: -20 ~ 60°C
Dimensions: 85x26x33 mm (detector); 64x13x13 mm (magnet)
Battery: lithium, CR123

Programming mode
Open detector cover. Set alarm control panel into learning mode. When control panel will be waiting for signal
from wireless detector push anti-tamper switch.
LED Indicator
ON – pins JP2 shorted
OFF – pins JP2 open (lower current consumption)

 Wrong battery installation may damage detector.
 The magnet should be installed on the left side of transmitter.
 Detector installation near the large metal object, high-intensity magnetic fields or high power device
will cause a working noise.
 Install in the dry place.
 Make sure the place you choose for installation allow free detector-receiver communication.


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