EW-CONV1-E Convertor

Lilin to Pelco-D PTZ protocol converter
Input protocol : Lilin/Pelco-D. Output protocol: out: Pelco-D/Lilin. Bidirectional work. Real time conversion. Adjustable baudrate speed. Extension of RS- 485 distance.


Protocol converter CONV-1E is designed to change command of Pelco-D to command of PTZ Lilin cameras.
Device has two RS-485 interfaces. First interface working as input (Pelco-D). Second interface working as output (Lilin).
The converter after receiving commands from Pelco-D protocol, analysed them by microprocessor with appropriate software and next it processed them and transmit in Lilin protocol.

Device should be mounted between of keyboard / DVR and cameras in anywhere place of bus. Two independent RS-485 interfaces, which are built-in of converter twice extend length of bus. If you want obtain this distance, you should mounted it in the middle of RS-485 network.

Inside of the converter are switches to configure transmission and broadcasting rate and jumpers of 120Ohm termination resistors.

List of convared commands:
  • Left / right move
  • Up / down move
  • Close-up / Dismissal
  • Sharpness
  • Open / Close aperture
  • Access to menu
  • Programing presets
  • Starting presets
  • Starting SCAN function


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