AUTP-16R Transformator

16 channel active Video receiver for UTP
16 Video channels. Active receiver with adjustable sensitivity. Female BNC connector. Distans up to 2.4 km with active transmitter. Length compensation of UTP twister pair. Brightness adjustment.


Device is designed to reception of Video signal, transmitted by using one pair of 5 category twisted pair. Construction of device is based on high quality amplifiers of Analog Device company, which provides high quality Video and range up to long distance. It is equipped on signaling presence of Video signal, in order to convenient starting a CCTV system or removing its defects. Adjustable multi-band filter (16 levels), provides accurate tuning the receiver to the cable length, additional the device has continuous adjustment of brightness.

After using a special bracket, which is supplied in a set, device can be mounted in Rack 19″ cabinet.

Receiver can be uses with other device of Ewimar company, such as surge protections TR-1, SUG, LKT of series and TVG separators, creating a high-performance transmission system with simultaneously surge protections with very high efficiency. By using passive transmitter,  allows for a range up to 1500m. In order to obtain range up to 2400m, is required to use active transmitter eX-AUTP-1T.

Technical specification:
Power supply 230VDC
Mounting Freestanding, Rack 19″ cabinet
Signal / noise interval 60dB
Range 2400m with AUTP-1T
1500m with passive transmitter
Frequency range 8MHz
Impedance 75Ω / 100Ω
Range adjustment 16 levels
Work indicators LEDs: Power of signal Video
Work temperature -10˚C~+70˚C


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